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IoT Products

Fever Sense

IOT enabled fever sense patches for tracking fever of your loved ones when you are not around them. Get instant notification when temperature exceeds threshold level. Share data with doctor and get instant help. 







Remotely monitor temperature using your smartphone 


Continuous real time monitoring of data

Cloud Connected

Access data from anywhere over internet

Easy to use

With easy setup and ready to use instantly


Get alert when temperature rise above threshold


How does it work?


Battery operated fever sense patch sticks to the body of patient to be monitored and continuously sends body temperature data with Bluetooth 4.0 protocol to WiFi gateway. Gateway puts this data on to cloud. Then data is available to monitor on our mobile app from cloud.


 Smart Switches

Control your home appliances with internet connected smart switches.Monitor status of your devices in real time. Schedule timing for switches to automatically turn devices on or off to save time, energy and money. 






Cloud Connected

Control and Monitor your devices from anywhere in the world


Schedule time and date to turn devices on or off automatically

Easy Setup

Simple Plug and Play type setup with easy steps



Easy fit with existing switchboard panel without altering old wiring 



Provides smartness to your home within budget and no recurring costs


 How does it work?



Whenever we send any switching command to home appliances with app, it first goes to the cloud and then transferred to WiFi gateway. Gateway sends these commands to switches using Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. After receiving command switches perform the respective action. Also the data from home appliances is available to monitor on app over the internet in same manner.