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The Idea

We believe there is always an idea incubating and a new internet entrepreneurs arising. We can help you think big and succeed. Maybe you have a tech startup or just a great idea for a new wacky web service. Maybe it’s just a small web experiment in your company. We would love to talk to you and explore the possibilities!

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Gigstergo, Bostadsrattappen, Cxohonour . Everything is possible with the right mix of technology and experience. Our team is built with a great mix of new technology experts and experience. We work hard to know what makes silicon valley companies trigger success with the use of technology and we tend to innovate with the same technologies.

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We form a partnership with our clients, the security to innovate is immense when you can see that we work hand in hand to your success.Our team joins in the technology workforce with you.

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Fountain Technologies Pte. Ltd.

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