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Web Development

The First Step
The internet is nothing new, but the technologies we are specializing in, such as HTML5, AngularJS and NodeJS to create awesome user experience are. Our websites not only display content, but engage the user with the content, making lasting impressions, no matter whether you browse on a desktop, tablet or phone.

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Mobile Apps

Getting Serious
While the mobile revolution is continuing to change the way we use the internet, apps are a neat way to give your customer the extra of engagement that the web just won’t. With the ability of push notifications and convenient information such as GPS. We build feature rich mobile applications, leveraging advanced hybrid mobile app frameworks, such as Ionic.

iBeacon beacon technology

iBeacon Apps

Back to Real Life
Beacons are a completely new way to interact with your smartphone and more importantly the environment. With the use of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart), beacons creates a user experience that blur the boundaries between the real and digital world, enabling hyper local and contextual information, making it the next stepping stone in marketing.

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